We promise to contribute to society by providing a "space" where people can gather with peace of mind.

We intend to develop our business with the great goal of contributing to society through the exteriors business, which is our founding business. Our business fields are diverse. We believe that our business field is "space" where many people gather, and that "space with value" realizes a rich life. We promise to contribute to society by providing a "space" where people can gather in peace.


Detached exterior of a general house

Planning and construction of balcony spaces on the exterior of detached houses and condominiums. Our sales and design staff work as a team to solve customer issues.


Outdoor spaces in parks and hotels

We propose valuable spaces that link from the development of our products to the actual construction through our unique trade network.


Construction of housing complexes and facilities

We have a large number of national qualification holders and strive to improve construction quality. We solve special land development to general civil and exterior construction issues.


"DEPOS" to disseminate information

We mainly develop and sell products for outdoor spaces.By reforming distribution, we provide valuable products with superior competitiveness in the market.

Our Works 外構・エクステリアの設計施工。

Our Works

Our business fields are the Space Creation Division, which can accurately respond to your requests as a consultation partner when you are aware of "how to live in a home", and the DEPOS Division, where you can consult when you want to enjoy DIY by yourself. It is a company with business development consisting of the construction department of the Space Creation Division equipped with technology and knowledge related to construction.Through the ideal life in the outdoor space, we would like to continue to walk with your rich lifestyle.



Staff with specialized knowledge support for garden-related concerns. Our award-winning planners will produce and construct your garden.


We propose a stylish garden life that incorporates overseas trends! Garden Life Web Media. There is also a real store.

WORKS / Construction example

Hanwa Homes Jobs

Hanwa Person

Rewarding and thinking about your future

It is important to have colleagues who are also working on obtaining qualifications and are motivated to improve.In such an environment, I value the awareness of plus 1 and work to create something that customers will be happy with.

Kubori Naotaka
Space Creation Division Construction Division
Giving shape to customer feedback

In the DEPOS Division, which develops services and products based on the many "voices" received from customers, we are working hard with a smile every day to become a bridge with our home country, China.

Kin Rei
DEPOS Division
Work with your language skills

Learned English and Spanish from studying abroad. The scope of our business is wide-ranging, from product purchasing to sales activities to facilities and hotels.Naturally, there are many opportunities to travel overseas and keep in touch with foreign countries, and we are in an environment where we can make use of our language skills.

Toya Keisuke
General Manager, DEPOS Division


We will introduce web catalogs created by our company, construction examples and magazines with products.

View WEB catalog

We have updated the latest WEB catalog with many outdoor furniture and flower pots.

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A book that summarizes various construction examples handled by our company in a magazine style

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Media Coverage

An article was published in the August 2022 issue of the architectural magazine "Shoten Kenchiku".

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Media Coverage

An article about a growing company selected as a rewarding company to work for in the February 14, 2022 issue of the Remodeling Industry Newspaper was published.

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We would like to inform you about Hanwa Homes' release event information.



We will exhibit at [Outdoor Space Produce Exhibition 2023]. (Friday, February 17)



Recruitment page has been renewed.



We were invited to the first establishment ceremony of the association of managers of TOKYO PRO Market listed companies "BELLS"!

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Instagram and Facebook are updated daily with the latest garden conditions and recommended products with actual examples. You can get the latest information on the garden with explanations along with beautiful coordination examples.


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Home Pool Feature

We featured a garden with a swimming pool, which is a hot topic now.

Please contact us about anything about the garden.

If you are looking for an external contractor, we will give you a free quote!We conduct field surveys, meetings, design creation, and estimates completely free of charge.

お庭、外構、リフォームなどのご相談はこちら お庭、外構、リフォームなどのご相談はこちら